Where Nameless long last
quest truly

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The Last Of My Days #1 - The Epic Begins - is finally out
now, after an extended creative process which took a little
longer than expected [ read this article Issue 1 Is Not Out In March (other-universe.com) 
to have a better understanding] the entire Other Universe
team is more than happy to share this true
masterpiece with the rest of the world. 

In this chapter Nameless is traversing the Putrid World with
a strange pole on his back, the purpose of which is only
revealed towards the end of the issue; and that most
probably needs planting. 

With a specific destination in mind, confirmed by a quick
check on his map, the warrior finds his path blocked by a
small, inhabited settlement. As a matter of fact, with no
obvious way around he's forced to walk right through it,
and since in such a chaotic environment the best way to
move is in a "straight line"; the veteran warrior can never
really predict how the local inhabitants will react to his
presence, and (violent) problems can arise. 

In this issue, the interested reader will find out how
Nameless' short stroll through the village will work out.
What's important to know is that, during this very first
chapter, several other very eminent characters make their
big first entry on the scene, enriching even more the
already colorful world of The Last Of My Days. 

The comic is available digitally in Norwegian on our
webstore and will release soon in its printed format
for the Norwegian market only. Soon the digital version
for all other languages will be available as well.