Always-Free issues  with a sole 
goal: to introduce a new 

Other Universe's Pilot - Article Image





Other Universeadopts a“Free Pilot”mentality, which
simply means that the Publisher believe it is better to
give a
free and satisfying introduction to a Universe,so
reader can better understand if the comic series or
graphic novel is something for his or her taste. 

To this reason, of course, the Pilot story in of itself is just
as introductory as it can get,with the narrative not really
dwelling on the
mainstory,butgiving a fair introduction
of the main character/s and what the comic, more or less,
will be all about. 

If the pilot in its digital free-form function asa gateway
for a wider audience,
in its paper format it serves as the
a limited and embellished editionprinted in few
copies (usually 500), that will enrich the collection of the
few lucky ones that get their hands on it. Needless to say 
that such editiondoesn’t comefor free. 

This is very well the case forThe LastOfMy Days #0
– Nameless,
published in Norway not long ago. The requests
already seem to be high, so any interested reader is advised
to start
pushing their local libraries/comic book shopto order
a copy, available through the
Mentorsystem offered byBokbasen. 

In the next article, last one for this little series about 
our publishing schedules and formats, we’ll talk a little
about the
Variant Issue”,yet another delightful collector’s item.