The comics are here!

Quick Update 2












All in all, only a month late, so we can now start selling issue #0 here in Norway in hardcopy paper format. You can drop in
and buy it directly here in our 
Måndalen studio, every 
Thursday and Saturday from 09.00 to 17:00.That’s the best way for
you to support the publishing house and thus, the authors, since 
you basically buy directly from them at the source.  

On the other hand, though, the first libraries are ordering some initial copies and we are very grateful for that, since
it means that we can now further spread the love and publicity for
The Last Of My Days.  

Unfortunately, this issue WON’T HAVE the silver-paper embellishments since the special printing machine at our typographer was broken; andwaiting for repairs would have meant another full month before having any income, and that was not financially possible (our CFO can confirm that). But for sure the Variant Cover for issue #1 will be in shiny gold, so we think that it will compensate in some way.  

That’s all for now, but we hope to see you visiting our studio soon (which is still under renovation) and maybe also for a
little comics chat; if your unable to do that, be sure to check out your local libraries, they might soon have our comics
in stock or they could order it for you.