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Other Universe will publish its series on a bi-monthly basis,
that means one comic, every two months. The reason behind
this choice is to give to the artists more quality time to work and
reduce stress, so they won’t be pressed by tight publishing deadlines.
Each comic will be 32 pages long, colored for most of the series and sold
digitally on the publisher’s website in four different languages: 
Norwegian, English, Italian and French. 

The paper version, instead, will only be available in Norway, 
either directly in our studio or at every retailer that order
through the 
Mentor system by Bokbasen; the Other Universe’s
team, though, is actively working to make it available in 
Italy as
well. Other countries will just have to wait a little longer for the
hard copies, but feel free to push
 your local libraries for a copy. 

Most importantly: the Norwegian release will always come first, 
giving the Scandinavian land a sort of early access or sneak peek;
and a month later, the other language formats will then be published. 

Taking The Last Of My Days” as an example, the series will
launch in Norway on 
March 2022, available digitally in Norwegian
and via retailers in its paper 
format; a month later, 
on April. The
English, Italian and French versions 
will be released digitally on the website.
The physical copy for these languages is still a work in
progress, but Italy will probably join Norway first, and nevertheless
the release date would be the same as for the digital counterparts.
The series will then continue every two months: on each 
for the Norwegians, and on every 
even-month for the rest of the world.  

Issue #0 – Nameless, is a special comic in of itself 
so much that it will be discussed in the upcoming article.