The Norwegian printed version of our comic  
is a bit late due to, first of all, a well deserved  
holiday that both founders took while in  
Italy; they visited their family and friends 
during Christmas time, after almost two  
long years of not seeing them. 

On top of that, during this week, the 
typography main machine broke down,  
so there  is probably a weeklong wait for 
repairs, before they can even print and 
send the comics out. Fortunately enough, 
the order only counts as 500 copies, so it
move quickly enough.  

So, in other words... you might have to wait until  
the end of January, or beginning of February,  
until you can get a printed copy ofN°0  
[Norwegian version], something that probably  
makes it an “even more” of a collector's item.  

In the meanwhile, you are welcome to  
check out the free digital copy available in our  
store (our shop = comics), so you can  
better make up your mind.