A chaotic mess, a random shaped
reality where nature has no
set rules to follow.

Putrid World - Article Image



Imagine, you are walking on a mountain trail on a peaceful sunny day 
and then, suddenly, you realize that the mountain you were walking 
on is slowly sinking underground because, well, it wasn’t a mountain at 
all; but rather a giant creature that has just finished its slumber.  

On top of that, the weather is changing rapidly and, with it, the entire 
biome environment spread across the living “thing’s” back; suddenly,
from brisk mild alpine weather, it changes to a barren desert with an
average of 50°, and the sun is not even at noon yet. 

Now you find out that heat is being generated from the soil and, sprouting from it,
are strangely ablaze-octopus type-
plants growing quickly. Their weird unusual
movements make you unsure if they are going to attack you or leave
 you be.
Not reassuring, to say the least, not reassuring at all,
but you quickly remember you have got something more important on your mind. 

The all ground is sinking, do you remember? You must now choose if  
you are going to sink with it and “explore” the underground domain of
the creature; because, if not, you had better start thinking on a safe way to get off
this gigantic mountainous creature damn quick.  

You haven’t slept well, because you basically never sleep, and your basic sustenance
is almost the same as a god-damned squirrel: 
just some nuts and, occasionally, if you’re lucky,
some tubers and beans. The problem is that you are a grown
 man, who’s got some 
very challenging fights ahead. 

If that wasn’t enough to make you entire existence a big pile of shit, 
out of 
nowhere, a family of mutants, the inhabitants of that putrid world,
pass you by, 
clearly enjoying the newly dry weather. Each and
every one of them is so disgusting, 
that each of your senses
hurts to just experience their very presence; yet, scared as probably
never been before
, they actually run away after
seeing you. 
They call you a monster, but you are just a human:
an old and tired one but, somehow, you have got to survive,
whatever it takes. 

Quite a nightmare, eh? Well, and to think that such a place exists here and it’s called
the Putrid World: a reality of constant change, flux and unsettled rules, where everything
can suddenly come to life and, most probably, kill you; and you know what else?
There is a man 
that has actually got to survive in this reality. Nameless, that’s his name,
or at least that is what the local creatures call the scariest monster they have ever seen.