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Luca Da Broi, better known as Dabro, was born in Aosta Valley, Italy's smallest county, and grew up in a little mountain village of just 700 inhabitants, surrounded by a loving family, good friends, and the wild untamed nature of the Alps. The Class of 1995, he was just 20 years of age when he moved to Norway, chasing his dream of learning the Norwegian language and enjoying the culture. 

He has always been interested in comics starting from his early childhood and has always felt "compelled" and influenced by his grandfather, who was always reading Tex, Italy's biggest fumetto; The Dabro of today has evolved and pretty quickly established his own taste for dark and complex stories, and has been inspired to begin writing his own comics. 

The possibility of making dreams a reality, rose up once he moved to the prosperous Scandinavian country where, thanks to better job opportunities, not only he could design his own comics, but even start to publish them; and so, what before was just a dream in the twilight, became an amazing reality. 

In 2019, after a couple of years of hesitation, the young entrepreneur founded Other Universe, but that was only the beginning. A lot of effort had to be put into producing the first series, as well as to properly establish the company before going public; thus, in the following three years, alongside his beloved brother, the writer has worked hard on this first project, and along the way always refining his skills and gaining experience (taking a script course for example), to hopefully produce the best product possible, that readers around the world will soon enjoy: The Last Of My Days. 

Happy with his life and really satisfied with the results of his endeavors so far, the CEO of the newest Norwegian comicbook publisher has just started his career in entertainment 

Even though Other Universe will always be his first true love, the versatile artist wants to further diversify for his future projects: he also has a fantasy book in the making, he plans to work in the movie industry, and to release some more steam from all his creative energies, he plays in a local rock band as well. For more of that, and for summary's sake, you can follow him on his Instagram profile @dabro_ou where he publishes daily.