The pilot for Other Universe’s  
upcoming series, the  
intro to a long  

Articolo 3 - Immagine






Nameless #0 releases the 1st of January 2022, probably
the best way to start the year. The 20
 page comic sets the
scene for the 
anticipated long-lasting series The Last Of My Days” 
that, even though having an established end already, it’s 
uncertain on the exact number of issues, as confirmed by Dabro, 
the writer of the entire saga.

Here the reader gets a proper, yet minimal, taste of the 
Putrid World and its oddities, as well as its unusual unpredictability,
which even endanger 
Nameless, the main character of the comic
series. Even if toughened by many a 
hard-fought battle, the skilled
old warrior often prefers to 
sensibly back up and run away, than to
run into faceless
 dangers. A quite logical approach, yet not often
seen in the heroes of many fantasy stories, but Nameless is not
a hero after all. A monster, as seen by the 
inhabitants of that world,
in which he only cares for his 
quest; and here it is only slightly mentioned,
because it carries through from
 #1 The Epic Begins.  

The issue will always be free in its digital format, working as
a showcase for every future reader interested into plunging in
this new universe of madness created by 
The Dabrothers; 
for the fortunate 
Norwegian public though, a high-quality paper version
with cool silver paper retouches, will be printed in limited numbers
and, somehow, sold through the country as a 
collector's item. The
release date is the same as for the digital one: 
1st of January 2022.  

Issue #0 will be printed for every future market reached in the
respective language format, kicking off the series in new countries
and giving the possibility to many more to start an awesome
comic book collection and dark fantasy journey into
The Last 
Of My Days.