Two brothers with a dream and a bunch  
of like-minded artists, here to  
improve the industry. 

Dabro Articolo









Luca Da Broi and Michel Da Broi are two brothers from Aosta Valley, in the northwest of Italy. They have loved comics since childhood, because they’ve always seen their grandfather reading Tex”, Italy’s biggest fumetto. After many years their passion for theninth art (pop culture in general) has evolved into something more: a dream to follow and pursue. Studying respectively in script, the first one, and drawing, the second; the two artists have honed their talent during the intervening years, thus becoming ready to take the final big step: to start their own comic book publisher.  

Not satisfied with the tough conditions in which the comic book industry operates, they wanted to start a company for themselves, where the core concept was always to produce quality entertainment, while guaranteeing a good quality of life worthy of hard-working artists, who embellish the world with their sole craft. Other Universe was established on 15th of April 2019.  

After years of sacrifices and hard work, they have managed to bring to you their first beloved comic book series, which will be released at the beginning of 2022. But they would have never reached their goal all by themselves.  

Mich Articolo
Valérie Articolo










Thanks to Valérie Jaccod, fellow Aostan same as the two
founders, all the design aspect
s have been well taken care of
the logo, the website, the comics’ layout and even the
merchandise, giving an amateur project a more than
professional look, whilst not losing the creativity. 
Thanks, Valérie.  

Mathias Articolo











Mathias Konrad Osland, the only Norwegian in
the crew, has embarked 
recently on the
project taking care of all the covers for 
The Last Of My Days: 
wonderful pieces of art, that he crafts all while
keeping in mind the style of the main artist, the
effectiveness of the composition and, 
last but not least,
the budget of the publisher. 
Thanks, Mathias.

Sitzi Articolo











Nicolò Sitzia is the un-artist of the team who 
puts his kind of art in another craft: finances.
A genius in 
s and automated computing and
 coming from Aosta Valley, he is the main one
responsible of the financial aspect of the company,
making sure that everything runs smoothly 
predictably. His help is worth millions
Thanks, Nicolò.

Daniele Articolo











Finally, Daniele Ienuso, fittingly called “The Saviour”. 
Last entry in the team, he’s taking care of the series’
coloring, making the weirdness of this universe 
pop up with ease and elegance; if it wasn’t for him, 
the 2022 issue #0 probably wouldn’t be finished yet,
thus making the project unfeasible.
Thanks, Daniele