A new dark fantasy series set in  
a deranged yet colorful  





The Putrid World: a land full of surprises, just not of the pleasant kind, not for a human at least. Here, chaos reigns unparalleled because it ended up engulfing reality as a whole; so much so, that one really shouldn’t call it chaos, but just normality. Swirling in an excess of life and change, everything on the planet can potentially come to life, or probably it is alive already; nonetheless, alterations of the most creative sorts can happen in a matter of seconds, and they are the only reliable constant in a world where, nature, seems to have forgotten the rules.  

In such an unwelcoming universe, Nameless is forced to find a way to survive. An old warrior disciplined by decades and decades of battle; he could be recognized as a legend, if the new locals around weren’t righteously scared of his sole presence. The last human alive in a world inhabited by monsters, he’s continuously in danger either due to the creatures around or the harsh environment that attacks his human nature. Just hanging on with bitter sore fingers on the edge of death, he doesn’t bite his teeth, he crumbles them. He has one last quest to accomplish: to kill the Nine.  

The Nine are the monsters that haunt the protagonist from the days of old, in a past so blurred and forgotten, that the old veteran hurts when trying to remember it; yet the will is such, the focus, so intense, that anything that ends up in the old’s man way, is sure to find a violent death. Nameless won’t never stop, even if strained by effort and imbued by madness, he will hunt down these nine creatures, skilled warrior as he is, to the last of his days.  

Will he succeed? Most probably not.