Cartoonist OU


I was born in 1992 in Italy's smallest county: Aosta Valley. First of three siblings, I grew up in close contact with nature and helping my grandparents managing a small family owned farm. I love being outside and doing physical labor, so you may ask yourself: "how the heck has he ended up being an artist?".

Well, since a tender age, I really enjoyed drawing as well as producing handicraft so, once I finished studying at art school, I decided art as my career path. I wanted to follow and fulfill the drive that kept me grabbing a pencil over and over again.

I really like to learn new things and to see the evolution of my drawing style, which goes toes to toes with my personality. Even though I love to work on fantasy settings, it's unlikely for me to just stick to a genre; that's because my most primal attraction is to: experiment, explore new techniques, find different processes and medium, but also learn all unrelated stuff like, for instance, how to fell and process wood (not really an artsy skill).

To cut it short: from this shy and humble guy's mind, you can expect tons of different and crazy a pleasure to meet you.