CEO and Founder


Since my birth in Aosta Valley in 1995, I've never stopped to be creative, imagining stories and characters of all sorts. Nature is my main source of inspiration so much that, it's by enjoying the wild beauty surrounding me that I get the best ideas...sometimes, though, also by just sitting on the toilet.

I love dark settings and fantastical worlds, thus Dark Fantasy stories, with a good touch of realism and sadness, are without doubt my comfort zone; even if, surprisingly enough, I'm a very positive and happy person. Nevertheless, I like to consider myself as an "all-round writer", that's why, during my career, I'm planning to journey into the majority of genres and medias that the rich entertainment landscape has to offer.

Eclectic to the bone, when I'm not writing, I'm probably: playing music, cooking, training, taking photos, working in my (secret) laboratory, learning new get the gist.