The Last Of My Days N°1 - The Epic Begins (digital)

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Series: The Last Of My Days

Title: The Epic Begins

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Pages: 32

Script/Lettering: Luca "Dabro" Da Broi

Drawings: Michel Da Broi

Colours: Daniele Ienuso

Cover: Mathias Konrad Osland

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Nameless is a lone warrior dealing with
a chaotic reality. Viewed as a monster
by the strange inhabitants, the veteran
tries to survive against many brutal
adversities so as to accomplish the
most important quest of his life.

Before he can start, though, the last
piece of the puzzle, a magic pole, to
be precise, has to be placed in order to
open up the winding, twiste road to
his ultimate goal ahead.

However, in that sick and unstable
world, even such a simple operation
may be one of the most difficult and
fatal tasks of his life.